FATBOB PIZZA   "The BEST pizza in Ohio!" 
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"Best pizza around! Fresh ingredients and homemade crust make this pizza worth every penny! Fatbobs pies are the reason cheap knockoffs like the Hut and Dominoes have to run specials. Its the only way they can get anyone to buy there instead of here!"   
                                                        - Thomas Alan House Jr. 
At FatBob Pizza, we are proud to have received the following reviews and recognition as the BEST pizza in NEO Ohio!  
"We have been here many Times and love it! everyone has been pretty nice every time we've ordered. the crust is yummy! Very pleased and will be back many more
                                                   - Lindsay K. 
"best pizza in the area by far. one of the best i've ever had."

                                                                                        - Carl T.
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"FatBob Pizza is the best place in town for pizza! We are so happy we chose to eat here tonight."  
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